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Mr. Chulananda Perera

Secretary, Ministry of Telecommunication, Foreign Employment and Sports
To be the leading policy maker and implementer to create gainful foreign employment opportunities, whilst protecting rights of migrant workers and ensuring their welfare and protection.
To convert the entire labour migration sector into a demand driven process and make it highly competitive by introducing required structural changes together with necessary promotional and welfare activities to meet the international market challenges considering the importance of its contribution to the national economy.
Functions of the Ministry:
  • Formulation and implementation of policies, programms and projects for Foreign Employment industry.
  • Promotion of Foreign Employment.
  • Welfare of migrant workers.
  • Regulation and Supervision of Employment Agencies.
  • Career guidance on Foreign Employment.
  • Supervision of SLBFE and SLFEA.
  • Welfare of expatriate Sri Lankans.
Institutions under the Ministry
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Foreign Employment Division of Ministry of Telecommunication Foreign Employment and Sports will be shifted to No.34, Narahenpita Road, Nawala from 31st July,2019 onwards.

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