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To be the leading policy maker and implementer to create gainful foreign employment opportunities, whilst protecting rights of migrant workers and ensuring their welfare and protection.


To convert the entire labor migration sector into a demand driven process and make it highly competitive by introducing required structural changes together with necessary promotional and welfare activities to meet the international market challenges considering the importance of its contribution to the national economy.

aims and objectives
  • Policy making and implementation.
  • Establishment of information systems.
  • Capacity development and improvement of standards.
  • Accomplishment of welfare needs of migrant workers.
  • Promotion of regularizing of foreign employment industry.

Message of the Hon. Minister of Justice and Foreign Employment

Sri Lankan expatriate workers form the largest source of income in terms of foreign exchange brought to our country. It is the bounden duty of His Excellency the President as well as the Government to ensure maximum welfare of the families of our expatriate workers. In appreciation, it is proposed to create a Pension Scheme for expatriate workers, as well as to increase rates of interest on Non Resident Foreign Currency Accounts.

In addition, our Ministry plans to create new markets for skilled labour, and maximize earnings in the form of foreign exchange.

Hon. Thalatha Atukorale.
Minister of Justice and Foreign Employment


Message of the Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Employment

Foreign Employment is the largest source of foreign exchange in Sri Lankan economy and it’s generating substantial inflows of remittance and relieving the pressure of local unemployment. The Ministry implements various programmes for developing a long term vision for the role of labour migration in the economy, increasing benefits for migrant workers and their families, and upholding all human and labour rights of migrant workers.

“Shramika Surekuma” welfare programme which was launched under the patronage of Hon. Minister is being implemented successfully ensuring welfare and wellbeing of migrant workers and their left behinds. Further, the process of entering into memoranda of understanding with several European and Asian countries in addition Middle Eastern countries is in operation with view to seeking new employment opportunities. The Ministry is more focusing on promoting skilled and professional categories which have a higher earning capacity and less employment related issues.

The Ministry continuously expands its services and facilities to generate more employment opportunities for citizens while ensuring their right to engage in a foreign employment in the conditions where freedom, dignity, security and equity are assured. To facilitate this, the Ministry of Foreign Employment is entering to regional and international agreements as well as regional dialogues.

H.M. Gamini Senevirathne
Secretary of Foreign Employment


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